The Great Duck War – Eponymous Single Review

With thanks to Robbie for finding the time to review the eponymous three track Single by The Great Duck War, or, in his own words….

The Great Duck War - Eponymous Single - artwork

The Great Duck War – Eponymous Single – artwork

This is a track-by-track review of The Great Duck War’s eponymous EP, released February 15th.

More perceptive readers will have noticed that The Great Duck War only featured on Emerging Indie Bands less than a month ago, when the band were aptly summarised as a fledgling garage rock trio comprised of Reid Kurkerewicz, Noah Huber and Justin Huber hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

St. Thorlack features jangly guitars, crisp bass and a nice tempo change in the verse, with tortured vocals awash with delay and pleasing indie melodies. This is a fast and energetic track which sets the tone for the experience to follow, a no-nonsense, lumbering slice of garage rock with an air of desolation.

The atmospheric structure of Chicago Blastroid is comprised of a driving bass line and sparse drumming supported by shimmering chords. Before long the tempo rises and lurches into a wistful melody followed by gritty feedback oscillations, concluding much as it began.  This is the most varied track on the EP, with a variety of intensities and lots of grit to sink your teeth into.

Dial Tones features vocals awash with reverb before bass, drums and guitar set the groove and the tempo ebbs and flows like the ocean tide. Before long the familiar tempo change rears its head once more, a tremulous guitar lick and frantic percussion following each successive swell. The EP ends with a final crescendo descending into noise – a fitting conclusion to this manic set of songs.

This is a short but satisfying EP,  which is available on bandcamp and a great introduction to The Great Duck War.

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The Great Duck War

The Great Duck War is the garage rock trio of Reid Kurkerewicz, Noah Huber and Justin Huber from Madison, Wisconsin, in the USA.

The Great Duck War - garage rock from the USA

The Great Duck War

Relatively newly formed and set to release their début EP in February The Great Duck War is still a band in development, attested by an early name change from Lachrymose Soup. Although I have not had the opportunity to hear more than three songs what I have heard has been a good to experience.

The Great Duck War set their stall in loosely hanging structures giving the material an effervescent zeal that fires the feet in sympathy with the vivacity of it all. Lo-fi production, as longer term readers know, is always something that I enjoy and the trio defines precisely why that is the case.

Simply constructed tracks are not complicated in performance and the audience feels they are very much part of the sounds as The Great Duck War takes the listener on a ride of fuzzy guitars and bellowing bass with a tempo that lifts the body into frenetic dance-steps as a vocal skips around the room enthusiastically.

I look forward to their forthcoming eponymous release.

Sweet Cassidy which is set for release on the EP is available on bandcamp.

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