Aqua Cherry – Bleachin – Single Review

The US reggae quintet Aqua Cherry release the single Bleachin tomorrow.

Aqua Cherry - Photo Credit - Kali Mon Mon

Aqua Cherry – Photo Credit – Kali Mon Mon

There is a natural rhythm to reggae that has a primordial connection with audiences around the globe, there are a few styles which too have this effect, regardless of the genre of music the listener more normally enjoys, yet far too many reggae influenced bands still think that by messing around with the earthiness they have come up with something better – far from it – they have destroyed what was peerless.

With fortune Aqua Cherry do not display any of those bad traits in their back-catalogue – nor – more relevantly – in the new song Bleachin. Turn up the bass and  allow the uptempo dancehall style of the single to wash through your body and mind – a three minutes and nineteen seconds mood lifting therapy all of its own.

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Higher Education – Gift Called Life – Audio

The US alt-rock band Higher Education released the LP Gift Called Life on the 23rd.

Higher Education

Higher Education

The title track and second of the dozen is a good time sunshine fusion of soca, Jamaican ska, rocksteady on speed with a twist of trippy rock that grabs hold of the listeners wrists and launches them on to the dance-floor with a beaming smile.


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The Drop – Avatar – Video

After an extended break the English reggae outfit The Drop revealed a new song recently.

The Drop - Avatar

The Drop

Three gigs have also been announce to accompany the new song – Avatar – along with a rumour of an LP for release during the early part of 2018. It would therefore appear that this new song is more than a one off, which is good news to hear.

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Ras Kayaga

Ras Kayaga from Kigali in Rwanda is a reggae singer songwriter.

Ras Kayaga - Reggae from Rwanda

Ras Kayaga

Singing in Kinyarwanda the reggae derived material finds its way into the head like a diamond tipped drill-bit as the sounds resonate of a country still in turmoil dealing with differences much of the rest of the world can only vaguely appreciate.

Other than reggae off-beat, which regular readers well know always strikes a chord, Ras Kayaga offers music of positivity and realism, which I find as I type as such a contrast to the sounds of suburban wannabe gangsters in safe homes – aka – hip-hop / rap  and the banality of the plastic out-put of major label ‘angst’. This is music directly from the heart connecting with the audience in a very simple and unpretentious way.

As to be anticipated, by an underground act in the underground music of Rwanda, material is scarce and not of great recorded quality. For me the quality of recording is never an issue, as you well know, it is all about the genuine chords being struck and I proffer Ras Kayaga as a sound with much to add to the value to the musical tapestry.

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Will And The People

Will And The People from London in England is a world reggae outfit comprising Will RendleJim RalphsJamie Rendle and Charlie Harman.

Will And The People - World reggae from England

Will And The People

Maturity of compositions don’t deflect from the liveliness of the sounds as Will And The People, who have established a global audience with their flowing dance material that lifts the audience into a better place. A slow burning fuse was initially lit back in 2008 and it wasn’t until 2011 that the quartet were finally complete, but throughout the process of development each appearance added more to the audience base and this has continued ever since, with global tours and numerous festival appearances.

As you well know I am a sucker for the reggae off-beat and whilst Will And The People are a far better known band than most given first reviews on the site, it is the fresh enthusiasm that hasn’t been lost which makes this an outfit I think is worth drawing to your attention if you don’t know them already.

Whilst it is essential to remove all sharp objects before hitting play else you will inevitably crash into it as you dance around the room in carefree joy, underscoring the lightness of sound lays a connection with struggles worth defending that sits at the heart of the whole output.

About to set out on another couple of tours. One a UK tour Will And The People is well worth getting out to see and in all likelihood they will appear somewhere near you soon wherever you are as there is also a tour in India scheduled for April.


Yellow – Single – Will and the People is available on iTunes*.

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