Redanda – Full Flux – Audio

The Canadian alt-rock band Redanda released the EP Mood For Thought last month.

Redanda - photo by @rhonnie cockshutt

Redanda – photo by @rhonnie cockshutt

Redanda have moved a long way from when first introduced in 2012 as the unchanged line-up have developed their music style and Full Flux, the last of the five tracks on Mood For Thought (which is available on bandcamp) exemplifies their journey.

Reveberating guitars confidently mark out the pace to be joined by an intricate percussion as an expressive vocal blends itself into a stanza. Redanda provide the audience with an approaching five and a half minutes extravaganza of sounds that fracture into the brain. Gradually building towards distortions of cymbals and wailing guitar, which are gently laid bare to expose the softer bass driven underbelly of Full Flux.

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Redanda – Decanter – Audio

Redanda is a Canadian alt-rock band, first introduced in 2012.

Redanda - Decanter


Released on the 13th was their latest single. The title track and first of the two is Decanter. Word arrives of a five track EP in the wings, of which these are the first two songs to make an appearance

Decanter is available on bandcamp.

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