PROJECT-TO – Rebirth – Audio

PROJECT-TO is an Italian dark-techno duo.



It has taken me a while to get to PROJECT-TO as I have just discovered an email of introduction which has been laying unopened in my email inbox for just over a year, therefor my apologies to one and all.

Recently to surface was the LP Black Revised – a dystopian-ambient-techno six track album. Pulsing beats are merged within an industrial glitch, yet, despite the menacing presence the listener finds themselves becalmed by the hypnotic waves of  sound that course through the bloodstream.

A roughly thirty two minutes LP which is best heard in its entirety – by way of an introduction the fourth track – Rebirth.


Black Revised – PROJECT-TO is available on iTunes.*

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Logan Callahan – Rebirth – Audio

Logan Callahan is a doleful-rock creator from the USA.

Logan Callahan

Logan Callahan

Logan Callahan is set to release the EP All My Mistakes on the 7th January, a release which steps across a furrow of ideas from the deeply introspective to wide-staging anthemics which flow steadfastly around the room.

The EP is as an interesting approximately twenty two minutes release which offers the listener a blanket in which to keep their legs warm whilst allowing the vaguely mournful, predominately acoustic guitar led, sounds to drip over the ears.

The middle track on All My Mistakes is Rebirth.


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Deadspace – Death – Video

The Australian dark-metal quintet Deadspace release the EP Gravity on the 15th.

Deadspace - Photo by Den Rad

Deadspace – Photo by Den Rad

The four track release, which runs to just over half an hour invites the listener to darken the room and lay back to become enveloped in the mewling vocal, clawing guitar and persuasive hanging bass / percussion as ghostly pianoforte drifts in and out of the shadows, whilst juggling their own sharpened knives above their throat, in a release in which chomping on still warm gizzards in accompaniment seems of perfect side salad.

I am only able to share with you the third track – Death – which nestles betwixt Life and Rebirth, though is not the darkest track which is the opener – Birth, as Deadspace contemplate on a life so many accept is their lot in servitude of the 1%.


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