Masasolo – Really Thought She Loved Me – Single Review

The Danish glissade-rock project Masasolo have recently released their début single Really Thought She Loved Me.



Centred around Morten Søgaard though performing as a trio, it will be interesting to discover whether the two additional players change or remain for the début LP due out later in the year.

Whilst the music slides around the room easily, there is something haunting about the sound that makes you take a moment longer to consider it and lo and behold one finds oneself fixated. Masasolo do not offer any conundrums of complex layering, rather easy paced melody that like a glacier imperceptibly slides ever forward until tipping over the escarpment.

Really Thought She Loved Me winds its way around the room in an easy flow of sound teased by the percussion whilst the lyric contemplates of unheralded fondness as guitar and synthetics caress as a surprisingly over-stepped bass truncates any moment of gentleness.

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