Feral Conservatives

Feral Conservatives is an indie-rock trio from Virginia Beach in the USA comprising Rashie Rosenfarb (Vocals / Mandolin), Matt Francis (Drums / Guitar) and Dan Avant (Bass).

Feral Conservatives - Photo by Beth Austin

Feral Conservatives – Photo by Beth Austin

Yank the volume to 10 and work it harder before hitting play as Feral Conservatives pile into the room. Roisterous percussion precedes the sonic pulses that follow in rapid succession. The trio combine fulminations of ill tempered rock with languid folk derivatives and the melodic flow of mandolin enables that unlikely fusion to settle in the mind in well measured evocation.

Whilst I have listened to the whole of their back-catalogue from 2012 – Breaks And Mends through to the EP The Feeling Noise Becomes, which surfaced in February, often featuring guest musicians, I have not found a piece of music which doesn’t have Rashie on Bass, so I can only assume things are even better now than they were of what I have enjoyed, as Dan is now the listed Bassist.

I do have to confess I still remain confused by guitar and drums by one person as a live performance option, so ponder whether plans are afoot to secure a full time guitarist too, I look forward to hearing more of Feral Conservatives, whilst equally as interested to see how the transition from a duo, to potentially a quartet pans out.


Breaks and Mends – Feral Conservatives is available on iTunes.*

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