New Year Ninety 2016 – 40 to 31

With readers and bands from throughout the globe the New Year Ninety 2016 reflects both the diversity of music and range of geographic locations.

Beautiful Noize - New Year Ninety 2016

Beautiful Noize

40. Noah Hoffeld (USA)

Play Human – Noah Hoffeld is available on iTunes.*

39. The Ruminaters (Australia)

38, Psychic TV (PTV3) (USA / England)

Trip Reset – Psychic TV is available on iTunes.*

37. Safe Secrets (USA)

36. Beautiful Noize (Germany)

Rainbow Angels – Beautiful Noize is available on iTunes.*

35. Kim Killspeed (Australia)

Ultrasound – EP – Kim Killspeed is available on iTunes.*

34. White Baer (Scotland)

33. Manic Pixi (USA)

Sugar Bomb – Manic Pixi is available on iTunes.*

32. The Dirty Lies (Scotland / England)

31. Extra Spooky (USA)

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Beautiful Noize

From Munich in Germany arise Igor Kljujic (Vocals / Bass), Raffael Holzhauser (Guitar) and Christoph Holzhauser (Drums) who make up the progressive rock band Beautiful Noize.

Beautiful Noize - alt-rock from Germany

Beautiful Noize

An ascorbic lyric adds a dimension to the floating sounds of Beautiful Noize, that sears into the minds-eye. Extravagant guitar parades around the room with a percussion that seeks to usher out the largesse, whilst bass connects the flights of fancy with visceral vocal.

Beautiful Noize have the ability to bring the disparate strands together in a culmination of sound that allows the listener to follow the psychedelic blues whilst focussing on the threshing mill of vituperation. The conundrums of contexts do not leave the audience in a quandary as the trio thread a well conceived journey for the audience to enjoy.

Perhaps a little to fanciful for my everyday play-list, nonetheless, Beautiful Noize live up to their name with smart compositions that retain attention whilst leading the brain on a journey of fascination.

I am somehow minded of my days of journeys between London and The Cairngorms for ice-climbing sessions when the accompany soundtrack in the overnight car drive was provided by the radio station out of Ireland – Atlantic 252 – the automated playlist of The Big Mattress. Somehow wrong – but equally just so right.


Rainbow Angels – Beautiful Noize is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.