The Soft Underground – Rachel – Audio

The US trippy-rock duo The Soft Underground release the LP Morning World on the 27th of July.

The Soft Underground

The Soft Underground

A follow-up to the 2015 album Lost In Translation (available on bandcamp) Morning World, on the basis of the first of the eleven tracks on the album – Rachel – is set to be an equally Psilocybin moment in time and probably best heard with a pot of tea to hand whilst gazing at the purple dragons floating on the ceiling.

That rumble on hitting play – for those of become of more nervous disposition whilst staring glassy eyed – isn’t as I thought moles digging up the foundations and felt the need to investigate rather the delightful demeanour of Rachel bubbling out of the speakers.


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QWAM is the new wave quartet of Felicia Lobo (Vocals), Matt Keim (Guitar), Rachel (Drums) and Eddie Lapidus (Bass) from New York in the USA.

QWAM - photo credit - J. Kane-Hartnett Photography

QWAM – photo credit – J. Kane-Hartnett Photography

Back in November of 2016 I was first alerted to QWAM, yet sadly I didn’t get round to the email at the time – so – long overdue and with apologies all around finally I catch up to introduce a band who should have been on my playlist of essential music two years ago.

Spiky high-octane energetic rock ‘n’ roll comes tumbling out of the speakers as though drawn by a pride of lions spotting a herd of passing antelope as the musculature of the frame launches through the room while the supple gracefulness of the considered compositions catches the ears and the audience is conflicted as to whether to don the obligatory 14-hole Dr. Martens and pogo in frenetic delight or allow the cleverly constructed songs to wash through the brain.

Most recently QWAM released the five track EP Feed Me (available on bandcamp) which is a must have addition to the collection along with their other four songs, which too are to be found on bandcamp.

If you happen to be in and around New York, I do suggest checking if QWAM have a gig on as I don’t imagine this would be an evening of regret. For those of us further afield, one can only trust that they are able to secure an intentional touring circuit in short order.

By way of an introduction from Feed Me – the second song – Glitter Paint.

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The News – Fail Better – Audio

The US nu-disco project The News revealed the début track Fail Better within the past three quarters of an hour.

The News

The News

There is something perspicacious of a brand new entity who release as their initial offering a track about relationship breakdown as The News already describe the silos of isolationist iconoclasts of the world of the latter part of the ’10s.

The News deliver material which needs to be encased in a time-capsule to relay of the world of pixel communication and despite the foreboding of the impending break-up – I cross my fingers that Fail Better (available on bandcamp) is not a firelight in the sky and swansong of The News to never to be heard of again – time will discover.

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