rabbitfoot capers – empty chair – Video

rabbitfoot capers is an alt-synth outfit from England.

rabbitfoot capers - empty chair

rabbitfoot capers

Much of their previous material featured has been of whimsical tale telling, often drawing on their surroundings in Bristol (England).

empty tales takes a heavy charcoal to deliver a song, which although loosing none of the weightless measure of the dreamy vocal / music combinations is of more political substance.

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Rabbitfoot Capers – Last Words – Audio

The English alternative duo Rabbitfoot Capers are planning to release the LP something and nothing on the 25th.

Rabbitfoot Capers - Last Words

Rabbitfoot Capers

The album gathers together some of their older material as well as new tracks. Originally scheduled for release last month, there may be some additional flexibility of the actual date of the release of something and nothing.

From the LP – Last Words, a track not previously featured over the past three years, finds Rabbitfoot Capers once again bringing angular ideas to the table from which they form the chronology of the composition and as always with their material – flowing with seemingly contradictory elements, yet making a whole that you will either enjoy from the off, or probably never find common ground.

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Rabbitfoot Capers – Living On Brandon’s Hill – Video

It was a year ago that the English band Rabbitfoot Capers first appeared.

Rabbitfoot Capers - Living On Brandon's Hill

Rabbitfoot Capers

It is for bands such as Rabbitfoot Capers that the initial concept for the website Indie Bands Blog was started back in 2009. It won’t meet the expectation of many, it won’t ever hit the mainstream – but the quartet – to me – epitomise why being a music journalist is such a pleasure.

I may well be of only a small group of delighted listeners, but from this small number – thank you for doing what you and and do keep doing it.

A song about a small patch in a small city in a small country in a small world in a larger universe – however – Living On Brandon’s Hill makes all of that space seem better.

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Rabbitfoot Capers – Bohemian Blue – Video

Rabbitfoot Capers from England were introduced in December of last year.

Rabbitfoot Capers - Bohemian Blue

Rabbitfoot Capers

If the band didn’t make sense last time round, you will find nothing has changed as they continue to delve an obscure backwater of music and for this I give them credit as they continue to confound with their idiosyncratic style and sounds.

The latest video by Rabbitfoot Capers being for Bohemian Blue.

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