Fatal Nostalgia

Fatal Nostalgia is an ambient-electronica project from Massachusetts in the USA.

Fatal Nostalgia - ambient-electronica from the USA

Fatal Nostalgia – ambient-electronica from the USA

Those with a closer eye to detail will notice I did reference a different project a few days ago by one and the same person – Cyberwave and as mentioned in that article Fatal Nostalgia is the more current thread of focus.

Again, with numerous releases this time dating back to 2012 (all available on bandcamp), Fatal Nostalgia offers plenty to hear while relaxing in a warming saline bath. The music flows around the head massaging the cranium and gradually the synapses, breathing and heart rate decelerate to the pace of the whooshes of unhurried euphonious compositions that thread through the room.

Whilst the tracks are extended variations on a theme there is nothing self-indulgent and the listener finds themselves wishing phrases were extended further as Fatal Nostalgia reveals music that has the attraction and mesmerising qualities of multi-coloured fractals spinning in the breeze.

A very difficult set of schematics to generate something new from time after time, yet Fatal Nostalgia is able to generate original compositions which follow the flow chart and thus far there have been over thirty pieces extending to in excess of two hours of material.

From the five track EP Quietus – the second Elysium.

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Bull In The Whisky Shop

Bull In The Whisky Shop is the alt rock quintet of James J Blake (Guitar / Vocals), Emily Carney (Guitar / Vocals), Henry Keck (Drums), Dado Bastien (Bass) and Dave Harrison (Guitar) from Manchester in England.

Bull In The Whisky Shop - alt-rock from England

Bull In The Whisky Shop

Distorted psychedelic shoegaze rasps its way in the room as Bull In The Whisky Shop merge grunge with trippy rock taking the audience with them in a journey of highly engaging fuzziness. Formed only in the summer of last year the quintet are establishing their live presence in the North West of England whilst making tracks available for those of us who are not nearby.

The sounds have an underlying mournfulness about them – percussion and bass lay out a measured tempo, whilst the guitars add depths of whimsy with their high pitches accompanied by a plaintiff half-spoken vocal that switches between to the two voices all laid behind a thick gauze of distortion, giving the music of Bull In The Whisky Shop a strong mark of differentiation, which has the ability to engage the ears.

It is a surprise to find they are so new as Bull In The Whisky Shop have a confidence and breadth of songs that many more established acts haven’t yet mastered.

2015 should be an interesting year for the quintet and I look forward to catching up again soon with their development.

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