Punčke – U Mraku – Audio

The Croatian alt-rock trio Punčke ship out CDs of the LP Ništa Nije Kako Se Čin on the 2nd of May.

Punčke - Ništa Nije Kako Se Čin - CD

Punčke – Ništa Nije Kako Se Čin – CD

The ninth of the ten tracks on the slightly delayed album which is being supported by a release gig on the 14th of May at Tvornica Kulture in Zagreb – U Mraku captures the essence of the body of work. A the song title suggests – In The Dark on the release entitled Nothing Is As It Seems.

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Punčke – Protiv Nas – Video

The Croatian alt-rock trio Punčke are scheduled to release the LP Ništa Nije Kako Se Čini in March 2016.

Punčke - Protiv Nas - artwork

Punčke – Protiv Nas – artwork

From the forthcoming album Punčke released, as a single available on bandcamp, yesterday Protiv Nas.

A track expressive of being emotionally drained and unsure of a place in the world where the conflict of expectations by others and ones own needs result in an inner sense of hopelessness which is reflected in the music that features a cello to emphasise the melancholia as Protiv Nas works its way around the room accompanied by a mournful, almost sobbing vocal.

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