Transatlantic Family Band – Vision – Single Review

The England based psychedelic-rock quintet Transatlantic Family Band released the single Vision today.

Transatlantic Family Band

Transatlantic Family Band

The echoing reverb laden guitars enmesh the listener in hues of trippy waves as the drifting synth floats mysteriously through the backdrop giving Vision a space-rock feel and the listener is minded of the likes of Hawkwind.

The propulsion for the music and the means by which there is a cohesion to the disparate elements comes from the omnipresent rumbling of bass and the drum-kit, that flows in and out of consciousness giving Vision (which is available on bandcamp) its shifting shapes while the quietly laid vocal rounds out a track, which although lasting for less than five minutes, finds the audience loosing track of time.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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Ten Fé – Single, No Return – Audio

The English psychedelic quintet Ten Fé are putting plans together for a new LP.

Ten Fé - photo credit - KUTX 98.9

Ten Fé – photo credit – KUTX 98.9

Regularly featuring since their introduction in September of last year. Through much of their existence they have toured pretty well incessantly and in live performance played as a five piece with studio material being as a duo – resultingly as the ties have bound the five together it made sense creatively to work as a five piece both in performance and in the studio.

The single Single, No Return, which was released on the 9th, being the first studio, five players, full band reveal.

While their music has always had a trippy vibe it is in Single, No Return that they delve fully into translucent psychedelia and reveal, what I consider, their best piece of work.

The dreamy guitar fades in and out of its own echo as the synth spirals along half-hidden eddies with the bass sliding up and down the fret board, providing the structure around which everything flows and percussion giving the sense of organic movement as the hazy vocal entrances the mind, with the listener being gently wrapped up and happily travelling through the mysterious journey.

Given that the tracks on their début LP, Hit The Light, were each of different texturing, I look forward to discovering whether the follow-up album will be of similar thought.

Single, No Return – Single – Ten Fé is available on iTunes.*

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Ghost Dance Collective – Taking You Down – Audio

Ghost Dance Collective is a psychedelic rock quartet from Scotland.

Ghost Dance Collective

Ghost Dance Collective

Earlier this month they released their début EP Haunted, which is available on bandcamp, a roughly quarter of an hour release that fills the listener with thoughts of the summer of love with the drifting combinations of guitar and synth and hazy vocal that takes the edge off the day leaving the mind in a free-flowing state of relaxation from which it is no hurry to escape.

The third of the four tracks is Taking You Down.


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Astral Lite – Visage – Video

The US psychedelic rock out fit Astral Lite are still finalising the details of the LP New World Vultures.

Astral Light - Visage

Astral Light

The newest track to surface from the album – Visage – , which is available on bandcamp as a stand alone single, is a dreamy flow of sound which harmonises instrumentation and vocal with a wandering flute which provides the song with a mystical presence that is able, singularly, to hypnotise the audience with its gradations of volume and flow akin to Der Rattenfänger Von Hameln.

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Dirty Sound Magnet – Homo Economicus – Video

The Swiss psychedelic-rock band Dirty Sound Magnet release the LP Western Lies on the 12th of May.

Dirty Sound Magnet - Western Lies - artwork

Dirty Sound Magnet – Western Lies – artwork

Rather than taking the listener on a gentle glass-eyed ride, Dirty Sound Magnet are a band who are politically charged – and that of course is one reason why I enjoy their output, along with the quality of the work – as they cast wary eye on the world around and the listener feels they are on some sort of a nightmare of a trip as the dystopian template spins around the head.

From the twelve track album – Homo Economicus – which is the fourth.

Western Lies – Dirty Sound Magnet is available on iTunes.*

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