Savants – Sneak E. Gardner – Video

The US psychedelic-garage quartet Savants recently released a two track split single with Tomorrows Tulips.

Savants - Tomorrows Tulips -Split Single

Savants – Tomorrows Tulips -Split Single

Savants have the ability to create music that from the first note pricks up the ears, then drawing the listener in to their magical carpet ride of trippy pleasure. Sneak E. Gardner (available on Narnack Records) once again attests to that knack of theirs.

Tomorrows Tulips website.

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The Tills – I Swear It – Audio

The US psychedelic-garage The Tills quartet release the LP Canon on the 20th.

The Tills

The Tills

The Tills mix of garage rock and kaleidoscopic psychedelia results in an output that has a mellowing relaxation which lowers the listeners blood-pressure.

A band I look forward to coming back to in more detail later in the year and have no idea why I haven’t featured them previously. For now, by way of an introduction, I Swear It – the fifth of the eleven tracks on Canon (which is available on bandcamp).

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A Victim Of Society – The Quick And The Dead – Audio

The Greek psychedelic-garage trio A Victim Of Society release the LP Freaktown on the 26th.

A Victim Of Society

A Victim Of Society

The opening track of the eight on the album (available on bandcamp) , The Quick And The Dead,  serves as a decent introduction to a trio who combine spiraling drifts of psychedelic scent to a garage-rock soundtrack, giving the music a feeling of intimacy with the listener.

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Hollow Everdaze – Catastrophe – Audio

The Australian psychedelic-garage quintet Hollow Everdaze will be releasing the LP Cartoons later in the year.

Hollow Everdaze - Cartoons - Artwork

Hollow Everdaze – Cartoons – Artwork

The first track to surface from the album and the third of the ten – Catastrophe – which was itself released as a standalone single on the 2nd (available on bandcamp) is a just under three and a quarter minutes of reverb and echo that flows through the room with the slightest scent of patchouli oil, leaving the listener bathed in feel-good factor with a tangible warmth spreading over the body.

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Slow Walker – Pet My Dog – Audio

The US psychedelic-garage trio Slow Walker released the LP Command Z on the 3rd.

Slow Walker

Slow Walker

Ever active in releasing new material the six track album Command Z is the first to appear since they pared down to a trio and those familiar with Slow Walker will discover, if anything, they sound tighter.

The home-production gives the LP (available on bandcamp) a warmth that can be felt radiating through the room as the trio deliver a release that alternates between trippy hangouts and tracks which are uptempo garage in origination and nature.

The fourth piece is one of the faster numbers – Pet My Dog.

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