My Drunken Haze

My Drunken Haze from Athens in Greece is the Psychedelic quintet of Spir Frelini (Guitars), Harry Kane (Guitars / Vocals), Matina Sous Peau (Vocals / Tambourine), Costas Gunn (Bass) and Nick Zouras (Drums).

My Drunken Haze - Photo by Dionyssis Matiatos

My Drunken Haze – Photo by Dionyssis Matiatos

Multicoloured shapes spiral across the room as My Drunken Haze unify ’60s beatnik with the 21st Century to afford the listener with room to pull out the bean bags and wallow in the weaving notes. The compositions do not stretch the mind to phantasmagoria, yet have a blurry definition which steals its way into the synapses, shifting the patterns in the brain.

Melding soupçons of electronica along with the switches between the guitars enables My Drunken Haze to keep the music bouncing onwards as the percussion maintains a flowing back-drop. Bass is permitted to wallow in snatches of nostalgia, whilst the vocal, marginally muted, reverbed and echoed gives the overall output a an easy tilt to which the mind can readily flow.

The quintet have the confidence to not hurry the pace and tracks are allowed to develop at their own natural rhythm, which means pieces can extend to over seven minutes, yet the audience is in no rush to reach the conclusion.

A début LP – a nine track forty minute eponymously titled piece appeared on the 3rd.

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alansmithee from Livingston in Scotland is the psychedelic collective of Alan Smithee,Ryan Macpherson (bass), Andrew Burns (Guitar / Vocals), Ruaridh Macpherson (Guitar / Vocals) and Joe White (Drums).

alansmithee - psychedelia from Scotland


Imperceptibly progressing, alansmithee cloak the room in a kaleidoscope of swatches as the lo-fi production adds a further layer to the psychotropic nuances of sound.

Enveloping the senses in gauze, the muffled and muted sounds feed into the brain, leaving the listener wreathed in cathodoluminescence which sparks the mind to wander through flights of inward discovery. The audience lays transfixed by the mélange of guitars and vocal which drifts into the ears, whilst the bass and percussion take over the cardiac rhythm.

alansmithee are able to invest much within the pieces of music, whilst also delivering wide spaces for exploration, much like a Dadaist image and it is the duality of the half-defined and fuzzed sounds that provides the out-put with its fascination.

With a few years behind them now alansmithee are gaining ever greater abilities to craft the compositions, which makes them an out-fit I look forward to hearing much more of in the future and pleasingly a new single is set for imminent release.

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Melting Clouds

Melting Clouds from Kiev in Ukraine is the psychedelic duo of Dmitriy Levchenko (Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard) and Ivan Talaychuk (Keyboards / Vocals / Guitar) plus additional players as makes sense.

Melting Clouds - Psychedelia from Ukraine

Melting Clouds

Drifting into the room Melting Clouds take over the brains synapses and the listener will find themselves floating in a timeless vortex as the duo extend notes and ideas into unending mists.

Melting Clouds are rightly uncompromising with their compositions, which seek the listener to change their thinking processes to engage with the music and if that step change is taken, there is a fascinating space in which to tarry a while. In many ways reminding of ’60s inspired psychotropics, the duo nonetheless have brought the proceedings to current times and whilst somewhat experimental there is a coherence to the songs.

The extended tracks, despite their length and style, have a natural rhythm which allows the brain to focus on the sounds, whilst the body relaxes into the ambience and if you allow yourself the time, you will find an evening has passed by seamlessly.

Their video material can be as uncompromising as the music and this one features drug taking and nudity, so choose or not, to listen to six minutes of aural intoxication by Melting Clouds.


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Tripwires from Reading in England is the psychedelic shoegaze quartet of Rhys, Joe, Ben and Sam Millionaire.

Tripwires - psychedelic shoegaze from England


As Tripwires mesmerically stream into the room, the listener has their mind expanded to capture the quantum of sounds which emerge. With a plethora of influences the quartet have tamed the tigers to provide the audience with music to unfurl their brain.

Whilst the tracks bustle with activity, it is almost as though the sounds are played in slow-motion, which gives the ears something of a sensory illusion, developing perceptible changes in the thinking processes as the tracks develop.  Whilst individual pieces are not overly long, the mind becomes so involved in the events occurring, that time stands still and much like a dream that only lasts a split second, the receiver is given the impression they have been hypnotised for many an hour.

Tripwires produce a sound that leaves the brain needing time to rebalance itself and is probably best not taken just before an important meeting, else others will get the impression you are tripping out. Any-time you are after some escapism, then the quartet is definitely to be added to the playlist.


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Allusondrugs an alt-rock band from Castleford in England is Jason Moules (Vocals), Drey Pavlovic (Guitar), Damo Hughes (Guitar / Vocals / Effects), Jemal Malki (Bass) and Connor Fisher-Atack (Drums).

Allusondrugs - psychedelia from England


The mind seems to fold into the music as Allusondrugs deliver their fluid compositions. The instrumentations merge one to another giving the resulting out-put a flow which reminds me of folding stiffened egg-whites to melted chocolate to make a Mousse: Luxuriant; Enticing and Moreish.

There is no need to reach for a kaftan as Allusondrugs sweep out of the speakers, this is not LSD enhanced, rather a herbal tea of psychedelia with roots firmly entrenched in British ’70s heavy metal with clearly delineated progressions.

The quintet, whilst each adding a distinct contribution to the songs, become as one and the ears become aware of a singularity of sound that carries the audience on the floating clouds, which, as mentioned, do not stray off the flow of the compositions. Allusondrugs have the ability to write songs which retain a core static around which the resulting music is allowed to ebb and flow.

A new LP – eponymously named is set for release on the 21st July. Having had the opportunity to hear the six track – twenty one minute release I have some confidence this will raise their profile to a far wider audience than the already vociferous following as it takes the band to a far more confident and dynamic space than previously fenced.

A single from the LP – track four- Nervous – was released on the 28th April, which marks a bridge between their earlier material and the new, however it is by far from my favourite of the forthcoming album, but what do I know?

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