INNocent ALex – 6 Plus 6 Plus 9 – Audio

The US psychedelic project INNocent ALex released the eponymous EP on the 8th.

INNocent ALex - eponymous EP artwork

INNocent ALex – eponymous EP artwork

An approximately twenty one minutes, five track, release (available on bandcamp) that wheedles its way in to the cerebrum with its acoustic led soft palette which drifts the mind into a subconscious psychotropic trance.

The strength of the album is conversely the tender brushstrokes that gently stroke the listener as the quietly spaced instrumentation and slightly gauzed vocal play with the audiences mental faculties.

My selection from the release is the middle track – 6 Plus 6 Plus 9.

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The Cyclist Conspiracy – THEOLOGY & BICYCLISM EXCERPT 1 – Audio

The Serbian psychedelic dectet The Cyclist Conspiracy released the EP Mashallah Plan: VIRILITY on the 9th.

The Cyclist Conspiracy

The Cyclist Conspiracy

Taking a side-step from the world order of the 21st Century The Cyclist Conspiracy offer a journey of alternative vision. Neither seeking to be confrontational nor finger-wagging the dectet offer an alternative take with the seemingly antithetical concept of psychedelic cohesiveness. Yet on wandering through the approximately twenty five minute – five track release (available on bandcamp through Trashmouth) the listener is struck by the luscious greenery and out-stretching of arms proffering connection and unity, not condemnatory sneers and silos of disquiet.

Inevitably my pick of the release is the atypical track on the EP with –  THEOLOGY & BICYCLISM EXCERPT 1 – that runs for less than two minutes and proffers spears – yet to me – seems to have the essence of the release summed up concisely. That is not to suggest you shouldn’t wander through more typical pieces and savour the full flavour of MASHALLAH PLAN – VIRILITY, which is a release well worth exploring in far greater detail.

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The Lefties

From Detroit in the USA Ben Rice (Drums), Sarit Dhar (Guitar / Vocals), Jacob Wolf (Guitar / Vocals) and Andrew Bradley (Bass) recently got together to form the garage-trip band The Lefties.

The Lefties - Garage-trip from the USA

The Lefties

A mellowing blend of haze and eddies scatter their plumes across the room as The Lefties combine raw edge with blurring and rather than coming up with well buffed finish, has a fascinating psychedelic waft in which the mind can explore the fusions.

Bustling bass is subsumed within echoing fuzzy guitars which in turn are directed by a conducive percussion that insists there is a purpose and it is this combination of the fantastical with the stoical that allows The Lefties to produce music that intrigues the ears. The occasional frosted vocal adds a world-weariness that gives the finish to the out-put as it sways between point of attention to an off-centre after-thought.

Currently in the throes of putting together live performances, with their first gig on the 16th, The Lefties elected to put out a six track LP – For Daisy (available on bandcamp), prior to embarking on the live circuit. As someone who isn’t even in the same continent never mind local area I am delighted, as always, when musicians offer their music to broader audiences and it is with pleasure I received their introduction and wish them well on the tumultuous journey that is the music business.

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Steffi Krauth and Mark Wernet from Saarbrücken in Germany form the psychedelic entity known as LOVEBYRD.

LOVEBYRD - psychedelia from Germany


Time slows down to an imperceptible pace as the dreamy fug of LOVEBYRD descends into the room. Shrouded hazes of voices and guitar are just perceptible as the drenching shower of warming reverberating shoegaze encases the brain. Self evidently these are not a duo to add to the playlist for a rave, rather to ease your finger towards when wanting to explore the innards of your mind.

Other than the sense of the expanding time-capsule, what I particularly like about the work of LOVEBYRD is that they are able to balance between leisurely pace and tracks that veer off into monstrously long monologues, with tracks rarely lasting more than five minutes and others not even making the one hundred and eighty second mark, ensuring that the listeners never find themselves disengaged from the out-put.

Just into the second year of their existence LOVEBYRD released their eponymous, just over forty minutes, début LP (which is available on bandcamp) on the 17th and well worth getting to know.


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Polysemy is the psychedelic-electro project of Dalton Moehnke from Ashland in the USA.

Polysemy - psychedelic-electro from the USA


Meanderings of sound filter through the room accompanied by a backdrop of pulsating loops as Polysemy delivers, distorted vocal, dreamy spires and the occasional recognizable instrument.

As would be anticipated the tracks are fairly lengthy and the audience find themselves drawn into the mythical caverns and luscious forests that the music evokes in the mind. Whilst somewhat experimental in nature, the material is more ‘lucid dreams’ than stretching the envelope of connections, as Polysemy does offer a narrative to the tracks, indistinct and fantastical as it may be, but nonetheless discernible.

The sounds have a hypnotic effect which keeps the brain focussed and you can feel the synapses ebbing and flowing with the material. The longer you spend in the company of Dalton, the more you will find the mind expanding to take in the luxuriant textures which weave around the head.

Just over a year into existence Polysemy is well worth taking time out to explore, just make sure you don’t have any meetings to attend afterwards, else you will find your thought processes will still be coloured with psychedelic imagery.

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