Mythic Sunship – Backyard Ritual (feat. Jonas Munk) – Audio

On the 5th the Copenhagen (Denmark) psychedelic quartet Emil Thorenfeldt, Frederik Denning, Kasper Andersen and Rasmus Christensen known as Mythic Sunship release the LP – Another Shape of Psychedelic Music.

Mythic Sunship

Mythic Sunship

An hour and a quarter of expanded hallucinogenic meanderings warp their way through the six track album (available via El Paraiso Records), an LP which does demand plenty of time to be able fully and usefully contemplate prior to going anywhere near the play button.

The compositions thread experimentalism with stacked layers of texturing to create an engrossing ambient journey of sound in to which the audience is invited to allow themselves to explore, in free-form, underused elements of the imagination.

The second track is Backyard Ritual – those who know the band will be struck, immediately, by the infusion of saxophone which enables Mythic Sunship to take their compositions in to even greater reaches than previous material.

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Domiciles – Common Language – Single Review

The Scottish psychedelia quintet Domiciles release the single Common Language on the 26th.



Infrequently revealing new recorded music with this a follow-up to the early 2017 single Nothing’s Ever Changed in the Whole Time That I’ve Been Here, Common Language, makes a welcome entrance back to the world whilst inviting the listener to accept a cup of unknown strength psilocybin mushroom tea, which is tentatively held to the lips to allow the heady hallucinations to be ingested.

The audience discovers themselves disappearing in to a mole tunnel of fluted light and pure blackout – yet surfacing a smidgen under four and two thirds of a minutes later sloughed of the introversion of the daily grind of life – akin to a spring lamb frolicking in joie de vivre and equally ready to bounce back in to action.

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The Holifields – The Legend of Willy Waterman – Video

The US psychedelic rock outfit The Holifields release their début LP Hugo Holifield and the Atomic Phaser on the 23rd of February.

The Holifields - Hugo Holifield and the Atomic Phaser - artwork

The Holifields – Hugo Holifield and the Atomic Phaser – artwork

Although steeped in early psychedelic rock The Holifields have taken away some of the deeper twists and turns of the ’70s and deliver music, which whilst resonating of the past, has a more health conscious age of the ’10s feel to it  – think psychedelic-light and you will be looking for the correct kaftan to wear before hitting play with the first song to surface from the album – The Legend of Willy Waterman.

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Half Eaten – Brain Dead – Video

The USA psychedelic quartet Half Eaten will be releasing their début LP Garbage Games on the 1st of January next year.

Half Eaten

Half Eaten

The first song to appear being – Brain Dead – that opens with spirals through the ears in mesmerising waves of stretched guitar string in which the mind is fixated long after the phrasing has moved on, to catch up with a loping Jaguar, dappled against the foliage, around the edge of a lake prior to launching on its sighted prey.

On the basis of this song alone – I am already looking forward to 2018 with a sense of enthusiasm when I will be able put fingers on the full album.

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Swedish Death Candy – Oh My – Single Review

The England based quartet Swedish Death Candy is a psychedelic band.

Swedish Death Candy

Swedish Death Candy

Early this month I received notification and it has taken me until the third reminder to get to it, my apologies for the tardy delay to you most of all, though when you hit play for their latest reveal Oh My, you may more fully understand why and how it has taken me so long to write these few words.

The dreamy spirals of sound refract through kaleidoscopes of analogue synth and reverberating guitar whilst vocal delay leaves itself hanging in the ether only for the brusque percussion to corral the passages away, akin to sweeping up dry leaves, which subsequently drift in a thermal of their own making whilst the busy bass-line stomps upon lingering elements… is that a purple dragon I see on the ceiling?


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