PSYBLINGS – Become A Pattern – Audio

The English psychedelic rock quintet PSYBLINGS found some Studio time to record a few tracks.

PSYBLINGS - Become A Pattern


Currently on a short tour in England – prior to heading off PSYBLINGS made available one of the new songs – Become A Pattern.

A just over three minutes track of curling wisps of guitars threading with the echoey vocal, which emerge from a drum kit that revolves around the steel with the bass keeping all the elements in line.

Word has not arrived yet as to whether the collection of recordings will be surfacing as an EP, LP or individual singles – as I have news I will keep you appraised.

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PSYBLINGS is the relatively new psychedelic-garage quintet from Manchester in England comprising: Greg DixonEllis CullenDan ColemanJordan Lythgoe and Sam Bullock who came together this year.

PSYBLINGS - psychedelic-garage from England


With a half a dozen tracks around to consider of theirs I thought I would concentrate on one in particular which illuminates the essence of their sound.

Behind The Sun (Bullock’s Fruity) horns out of the speakers like a rhinoceros tilting around the room before PSYBLINGS lay their whispering to calm the beast. As the track evolves through its four and a quarter minute duration there is a continual tussle of bass which wants to burst through the walls and relaxed six string guitar which wishes to lay-back the rush, leaving percussion and vocal scurrying between the two like a UN peace-keeping force.

The listener is left with a sense of joy as PSYBLINGS negotiate the conflicts with considerable aplomb delivering a track you just need to put on loop for a while to enjoy over and over again.

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