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5 Hills Out is an English agit-folk quintet.

5 Hills Out

5 Hills Out

Earlier this month 5 Hills Out released the four track EP No Way In.

Whilst the tracks on the roughly sixteen minutes of the EP do not seek to hammer down the walls aurally, there is a a distinct railing against a system which grinds the vast majority in to quiet servitude of the minority. Akin to many protest bands of the genre – quietly spoken doesn’t mean cowed – and 5 Hills Out take the power of peaceful and erudite expostulation to seek to express their message.

From No Way In – my pick of the release is the second number Protest – a track which swarms through the ears in combinations of split vocals, mandolin, accordion, guitar, bass and drum which series the 99% behind their direction of travel and the listener finds themselves thinking of 5 Hills Out as a channel for a 21st Century Jarrow March.

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