Divide And Dissolve – Assimilation – Video

The Australian protest-rock duo Divide And Dissolve release the LP Abomination on the 16th of February 2018.

Divide and Dissolve - photo credit - @sub_lation

Divide and Dissolve – photo credit – @sub_lation

An eight track album of deeply resonating droning instrumentation which seeps in to the cortex, with saxophone, giving the sense of disturbance, surrounded by sustained guitar, incessant percussion and quietly layered synthesis.

With their music reflective of a society in which the indigenous population have been marginalised and treated as interlopers through intended policies and objectives Divide And Dissolve are uncompromisomng in their aim to recalibrate priorities with their music being, intentionally, both challenging and confrontational.

The first song to be revealed – the second on the LP – Assimilation – signposts of a release to which I am looking forward.

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White Ape – Eat More Meat – Audio

The English protest-rock quartet White Ape have always been a delight to feature over the years since first appearing on the site back in 2014.

White Ape - photo credit - Rupert Hitchcox

White Ape – photo credit – Rupert Hitchcox

Word arrives that Sotones Records – A label based in Southampton (England) are set to release the LP SOTONES10 on the 3rd of November to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I know, I know you are wondering where is this preamble leading…

…well the thirteenth track on that eighteen track album is by White Ape with a gnarling saw against egregious consumption in a track which once again displays their ability to deliver engaging music whilst wrestling with issues of societal iniquities with Eat More Meat.

It is often possible to appreciate the integrity of musical output even, though perhaps even more importantly, when the context of a song is in condemnation of ones own lifestyle and not feel in the least flustered by so doing. Music that stands on its own traction with fortitude of message always deserves space, to my mind – and as a meat eater, it is with some pleasure that once again I tempt you to the delicacy that is White Ape.

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TYPES – Mild Learning Difficulties – Audio

TYPES is a protest-rock band from England.



Last week they released their début LP The Future Is Close Enough and an album you should add to your back pocket as it is a fascinating eight track LP of wretched gloom that reminds of how the UK has once again revolved back in to a Dickensian Workhouse – with A Christmas Carol, far from in Scrooge, creating a character of contempt, the structural desires of the plutocracy of the 21st Century is clearly a template in to which society is intentionally being dissolved.

My selection from the The Future Is Close Enough is the fourth track – Mild Learning Difficulties.

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Rue Snider – Speak My Mind – Video

Rue Snider is a US protest-rock creator from the USA.

Rue Snider - Photo credit Lacy Marie Lafferty

Rue Snider – Photo credit Lacy Marie Lafferty

With an existing back catalogue of material, most recently the LP Broken Window Rue Snider is a project I look forward to returning to in more detail in the future, for now by way of an introduction a live track recording – Speak My Mind.


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The Future is Pointless – Mother Fucker – Audio

The US agit-rock collective The Future is Pointless released their début and eponymous EP last month.

The Future is Pointless

The Future is Pointless

The oppressive cloak that descends in to the room is made more gloomy by the distortion that fizzes through the speakers.

The approximately seventeen minutes of the five track EP are intriguing slabs of sound with influences of dark rock and dubstep both being evident, allowing The Future is Pointless to deliver a soundtrack, that while settling on an industrial landscape is speckled with glimpses of funk giving the material a discombobulation that suits to a tee the nature of the subject matter.

The middle number is Mother Fucker and my pick of the release.


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