Beans on Toast – Magic – Video

It has been just over a year since the English protest-folk project of Jay McAllisterBeans On Toast – last featured. On the 1st the latest LP A Bird In The Hand was released.

Beans on Toast - Magic
Beans On Toast

As has proven to be the case with each of the previous nine albums, all of which have had a release date of the 1st of December, the tracks revolve around both personal experiences while cognisant of a wider world.

A Bird In The Hand (available on vinyl directly from the Beans On Toast website) is as much a celebration of the birth of a child as it is a reflection of the supporting structures outside the immediate family – with each of the ten tracks being both upbeat while simultaneously scathing of a society in which the silo has become the norm.

Although I am unable to share my pick of the release – Here At Homerton Hospital – the fourth track, the third track – Magic which I am, serves as fine introduction.

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Rue Snider – Don’t Lose Heart – Audio

The US protest folk creator Rue Snider revealed the track Don’t Lose Heart on the 26th.

Rue Snider - Don't Lose Heart

Rue Snider

Taken from the LP City Living due for unveiling at the launch show at the New York venue Berlin – Under A, if you happen to be in the vicinity, on the 26th of July and worth changing the diary to attend I would suggest.

Don’t Lose Heart – despite the sorrowful flow and thread of thought about a political system in the USA which seems intent on crushing the majority to grains of dust through measures which serve no purpose other than that of the joy of sadistic cruelty – the title alone – signals that through the mournful composition lays a sense that by joining together, not retreating in to silos, there is an attainable future which is for the many and not for the very few.

Whilst written with a US audience in mind – the song has a global resonance with many countries beset by similar bureaucratic over-reach.

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Leo Fazio – Ácido – Video

Leo Fazio is a Brazilian protest-folk creator.

Leo Fazio

Leo Fazio

More normally known as the vocalist for the psychedelic outfit Molodoys the solo project enables Leo to explore different areas of interest and create a more pugnacious atmosphere.

Most recently to surface is a live version of Ácido, which having been shot in black and white at a superb angle by Bia Stein at a small venue adds immensely to the oppressive menacing presence.

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فرقة الراحل الكبي (The Great Departed) – من أجل هذا ولهذا (For This And That) – Video

The Lebanese protest folk group فرقة الراحل الكبي (The Great Departed) were introduced late in 2016.

عماد حشيشو -  فرقة الراحل الكبي

عماد حشيشو –  فرقة الراحل الكبي

Their latest track من أجل هذا ولهذا (For This And That) which had not been planned for release just yet was brought to light with no fanfare for unanticipated reasons.

A few hours after the shooting of the video for من أجل هذا ولهذا the Oud player and main protagonist in this particular video –  عماد حشيشو (Emad Hashisho) was killed in a car accident on the 9th of March.

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Beans on Toast – Open Door Policy – Video

The English protest-folk project Beans On Toast releases the LP Cushty on the 1st of December.

Beans On Toast - Open Door Policy

Beans On Toast

A musician it is always a pleasure to return to with the insightful narrative and raw delivery.

With the normal construct of identifying the issues in poetic lyrical form with earthy vocal and quiet instrumentation and yet – having drawn a dark cloud through the room concludes with an unanticipated and abstract ray of sunshine, leaving the audience feeling better about life than prior to listening – the first of the fourteen tracks is Open Door Policy.

Cushty – Beans On Toast is available on iTunes.*

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