Catholic Action – Propaganda – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock Catholic Action released the two track single Propaganda on the 5th.

Catholic Action

Catholic Action

A release with two distinctively different tracks, the B side – Sunday Driver, being a slowly-paced four and two thirds minutes southern-blues piece with the title track taking a faster tempo.

Propaganda – lasting less than two minutes is a track that skips through the room on breezy synth / guitar combinations with percussion pelting at a fair old tilt as the chanting vocal fades in and out of earshot.

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L – space – Brother Mars – Audio

The dream-wave Scottish duo L – space released the EP Sol Ø within the past twenty four hours.

L - space

L – space

The about sixteen minutes four track release drifts across the room leaving spectral traces in its wake. Each of the pieces on Sol Ø offer different textures, sometimes flowing with piano, other-times a thread of sound led by synthesis and electric guitar.

Brother Mars – the second number on the EP (available on bandcamp) is steeped in acoustic guitar. Befittingly L – space have offered the listener a wide palette of ideas to get to know them in this, their follow-up to their début single Propaganda, which was of more urgent tempo, from earlier this month and it will be interesting to trace their journey to discover where, or if, they settle.


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