Steve Koserski

Steve Koserski from Toronto in Canada is a progressive rock music producer.

Steve Koserski - progressive rock from Canada

Steve Koserski

Flights of fancy spiral their way around the room as the sounds of Steve Koserski tumble around the room like a light display. Tracks of what seem, on reading duration, interminable length quickly flow around the brain as the music mutates from phrase to phrase. The sounds are not unattainable, but they do challenge the listener to appreciate the themes. If you take the time, you will find yourself submerged in a weave of seeming conflict, which by the time it drops to the ears coalesces into a streaming consciousness.

Not for everyone’s palate, that is for sure, but I found myself lost in the extended tracks which flow in apparently unrelated chapters until reaching the finale, where the pieces meld together, the tale told sinks to a summation and the composition forms a sharp focus of thought.

Not for a five minute run out – as in the main you won’t even be half-way through the piece, Steve Koserski offers material which requires time to ingest and as he is in no hurry to reach the conclusion, there is plenty of space to lay a while.


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Froskull from Nashville in the USA is the progressive rock quartet of Stephen Rockford Hammond, Jay Schond, Brett Hammond and Adam Dennis.

Froskull - Progressive rock from The USA


The music gently curls up to the ceiling before dropping like falling blossom around the ears. Froskull take influences from across both Western rock and sitar based Indian folk to provide a feast for the audience. Don’t be in any hurry, as neither are they, these are sounds that need time to flourish and the quartet have the justifiable confidence in their abilities to allow the material the space they need. It would be easy to over-step the mark and become self-indulgent, which the band avoids, as although the music wanders in flights of fancy, there is a misty path which keeps the brain immersed in the out-put.

Songs range from the futuristic to the historical and they manage to keep the audience engaged throughout the journey. Froskull use vocal sparingly and only to form part of the instrumentation, rather than being a focus for attention, creating a slightly mystical quality. Best absorbed in an extended session, as, listening to tracks in isolation does not give as much context and taking time out to settle back is the best way to appreciate the band and what that marks them out for attention.

Their eponymous twelve track LP which came out earlier this month is a good starting point to get to know Froskull.


Froskull – Froskull is available on iTunes*.

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A Lonely Crowd

A Lonely Crowd is Luke Ancell (Guitar), Scott Ancell (Drums), David Morkunas (Bass / Keys) and Xen Havales (Vocals / Flute /Percussion) a progressive rock band from Melbourne in Australia.

A Lonely Crowd - Progressive Rock from Australia

A Lonely Crowd

Melting textures extrude from the speakers as the quartet combine a standard rock line-up with additional electronics and wind instrument to deliver music which explores much territory. With a slightly experimental theatrical flavour to the sound A Lonely Crowd provides music to take the listener away from the everyday mundane to the exotic.

Whilst comprehensive there is enough approachability for philistines such as myself to find a welcoming entrance and from there to spend much time, as underlaying the flourishes sits structured rock compositions to which A Lonely Crowd add engrossing twists and turns.

A successful debut LP User Hostile was launched in 2011 and the follow-up LP the even more extravagant 13 track three quarters of an hour Transients set for release on the 1st February.  Not having had the opportunity to see the band live, where by all accounts they are a well received performance act, I would be intrigued to ascertain how the electronic weaves are delivered in a live format.

A Lonely Crowd is able to take a basic construct, add some bells and whistles, yet retain a cohesive and believable sound and for that they deserve much credit.

When the LP is made available, my advice, definitely worth spending time to get to know as the quartet take the listener on a fantastical journey of compositions.


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Like Thieves

Like Thieves a Prog rock band from Brisbane in  Australia is the quartet of Clint Boge (Vocals), Oden Johansson (Guitar), Clint Gough (Bass) and Daniel Trickett (Drums).

Like Thieves - progressive rock from Australia

Like Thieves

Sweeping sounds soar across the room as Like Thieves find their stride in a sound that fits between heavy rock and classic rock ‘n’ roll. Their music had me thinking of high flying birds of prey which have an impressive appearance, view of the landscape and immense power, so with the quartet, there is a serenity that flows through the room which is underscored by thumping bass / percussion and accompanied by immense guitars with a vocal providing the fulcrum.

Whilst on recording Like Thieves have an all-encompassing sound which holds the attention, they are a band who work hard on the live circuit and perhaps given  the nature of the material a full stage presence would provide an even better experience. The combinations of melodic orchestrations with hard hitting metal enable the outfit to deliver music which contains both mystery and drama.

A debut release The Wolves at Winter’s Edge (which is available on iTunes*) is, I hope, only the beginning of their recorded material which will be available to a broader audience as their creations undoubtedly have wide International appeal.


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Remove Silence

Remove Silence from São Paulo in Brazil is the progressive rock quartet of Hugo Mariutti (Guitar / Vocals), Ale Souza (Bass / Vocals), Edu Cominato (Drums / Vocals) and Fabio Ribeiro (Keyboards).

Remove Silence - progressive rock from Brazil

Remove Silence – Photograph by Duca Mendes.

Stepping somewhere into the territory of ELO, Remove Silence is able to offer majesty along with scuffed robes. As regular readers know, I have scant regard for the egocentric irrelevance of the dinosaur skeletal fossils of ’70s rock who forgot their beginnings in the tapestry of their golden fleeces. Fortunately these guys skip back to the beginnings and whilst bloated, the bloat is not unpalatable, rather the added value.

The music wafts around the room like a gentle breeze and as it circles it gains intensity, becoming a raging tornado of orchestral dimensions as Remove Silence combine heavy metal and stadium keyboards into a an impressive delivery of compositions which echo of the past, whilst firmly rooted in the here and now.

This will never sit on my natural musical trajectory, however there is plenty of bite and inventiveness to hold attention. Of particular enjoyment is when they let go from the sta-pressed suits and let the edges run and in those moments the quartet offer songs which proffer as much to the audience as they expect of them and the listener feels a sense of equilibrium.

I hope they don’t finally tilt into the abyss of the deluded as where they now sit is not just a cloying introspection, having an out stretched hand to the rapidly expanding fan-base. I fear however an A&R from a major label will spot their pension and in a year or so – it will be sad if you missed to opportunity to catch them now, rather than then…


Stupid Human Atrocity – Remove Silence is available on iTunes*.

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