The Omnific – Objets De Vertu – Video

The Australian prog-rock trio The Omnific release the EP Kismet on the 24th of November.

The Omnific - photo credit - Cam Penrose Photography

The Omnific – photo credit – Cam Penrose Photography

The first composition to surface from the EP is Objets De Vertu – a track which has an angularity to it that hints of jazz influences running through it, which simultaneously the natural ebb and flow of the song affords a sense of an extemporised jam session in which the listener is invited to wander with the instrumentation.

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Los Doggies – As If It Were So – Audio

The US prog-rock trio Los Doggies released the EP Ear Op on the 8th.

Los Doggies

Los Doggies

Much like the genre suggests from which ever opening point you start to listen – be it at the beginning or even midway through one of the four tracks on Ear Op (available on bandcamp) the construct of the compositions means they can all be put on a loop of continuity that will leave your mind lost to its own imagination as the music prods and probes various cortical and subcortical parts of the brain firing up flares of abstractly connected networks.

The closing number is As If It Were So.


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Voyager – Ascension – Video

The Australian prog-rock quintet Voyager are finalising details for the release of the LP Ghost Mile.

Voyager - Ascension

Voyager – Ascension

First introduced in 2014, Voyager, are always able to offer new tracks which have a reference with what has gone before, yet deliver something refreshing and in Ascension, from the forthcoming album, they create more space for themselves to explore and a lighter feel than much of their previous material.

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The Sonic Headlight

Surfacing in A Coruña in Spain is Xoel Diamante (Guitar / Vocal), Juan Corredoira (Guitar), Pablo García (Bass) and Nicolás Cotelo (Drums) who form the prog-rock band The Sonic Headlight.

The Sonic Headlight - Prog-rock from Spain

The Sonic Headlight

There is an angularity to sounds which emerge from the speakers that make you immediately take a glance to check there is a sense of the perpendicular to the walls and a set square to the ceiling and much like those degrees of error, so The Sonic Headlight invest into their sounds inflections which give the material its resonance.

The Sonic Headlight explore the imperfections of the eight note scale and investigate the differences between 432 and 440 Hz tuning to deliver music which always seems out of kilter, but is more exact than the division by eight can provide. Like an algorithmic table the further up and down the scales the band ranges, so the music bends more inwards as the log tables exaggerate the aspects of simple scales which cause those with auditory OCD to recoil when hearing most compositions. Perhaps more appropriately as a genre definition – ‘log-scale reproduction for those with sensitivity to Hertz irregularities in standard scaling’.

The début LP by The Sonic Headlight  – Take #1 was made available last month and can be ordered on bandcamp.

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Lumerians is Tyler Green, Marc Melzer, Jason Miller, Christopher Musgrave and Tony Peluso a prog rock band from Oakland in the USA.

Lumerians - prog rock from the USA


Lumerians offer a nostalgic trip into psychedelia as the music floats above the head in a kaleidoscope of colours to entrance (as in the verb not the noun – completely different enunciation and meaning – but as a regular reader you will already know this) the mind.

The structures formed by the quintet extend ever upwards and on each occasion that the listener thinks they have met the edge, so it disappears once again into the distance. Whilst resonating of earlier years Lumerians is a band cognisant of their time and capture the tracks within six minutes, giving extended play to those of a mind, but not extending it beyond the bearable. They are even more impressive with tracks running at less than three minutes as they encapsulate the whole atmosphere of a fractals.

I have seen comments that the band is somewhat experimental, but to my ears this is following a well trodden path of progressive psychedelic rock, though bringing it to a currency and a place in which the listener can comfortably lay in the knowledge that there is a definitive direction of travel.

With delightful use of instrumentation and current technology Lumerians is a band who nestle very comfortably on my – must do this again – playlist and I would suggest should also sit on yours.


The High Frontier – Lumerians is available on iTunes*.

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