Conus – Han Är Nära – Single Review

The Swedish prog-rock sextet Conus revealed the single Han Är Nära on the 29th of August.



Han Är Nära is an intriguing, margin over eight minutes song, which takes the listener on an extensive journey.

Opening with harmonies of acoustic guitar and flute the memory is drawn to Jethro Tull and tales of faeries only for that thought to be dispelled a few bars later as foot stomping spanish guitar swirls on to the floor all to merge in to a CinemaScope of sound as electronic washes, percussion and the ever changing-shape of guitar threads through the ear, by which time the audience has learnt not to attempt to anticipate what may next be coming out of the kit-bag, which contains a veritable orchestra of instruments with strings, bows, keys, reeds, diverse percussion and a very occasional vocal section surfacing within the imaginative composition.

Not music to hurry off to a meeting after hearing rather a track that allows the mind to wander off in to speculative imagination and become somewhat intractable when logical thoughts are demanded too soon afterwards.

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MAJJ – Burned Skin Will Heal – Audio

The French instrumental prog-rock quartet MAJJ release the LP Relapse on the 21st.



A six track album (available on bandcamp) which is opened by Burned Skin Will Heal.

Burned Skin Will Heal is a track that minds of a blazing orange sunset setting behind distant hills, creating a vision of wide horizons and stark contrasts of light, dark and sharpened shapes. There is also something intangibly science-fiction about the track, vaguely referencing Jeff Wayne’s musical of H. G. WellsWar Of The Worlds.


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Goat Faction – Night Crawlers – Audio

The Australian prog-rock quartet Goat Faction is working towards the release of an EP in August.

Goat Faction

Goat Faction

The most recent track to surface, Night Crawlers (available on bandcamp) does, as suggested on the tin mind the listener of a hive of nefarious industrial activity deep underground in the quiet of the night.

Dystopian collisions of architecture emerge through the speakers in a seven and just over a third minutes of oppressive, psychedelic space-rock with the synths and guitars sawing in to one another to the flagellating beat of bass and percussion.

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The Black Light – Singularity – Single Review

The English prog-rock duo The Black Light released the single Singularity yesterday.

The Black Light

The Black Light

Back in the early reaches of last year we initially exchanged emails, but such is the nature of my singular administrative abilities it has taken until now to get my act in order with the bandcamp available release of Singularity.

A threading towards seven minutes track in which time flies at an inordinate speed as the song seems to be over prior to being able fully get to grips with its interweaving trippy light fantastic movements of the exploration of the range of the fretboard and harmonised synth resulting in an immediate replay to catch the moments which slipped by first time around, accompanied by a cup of warm psilocybin tea to fully enjoy the psychokinetic transformation, from a different and unanticipated corner of the room.

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The Omnific – Objets De Vertu – Video

The Australian prog-rock trio The Omnific release the EP Kismet on the 24th of November.

The Omnific - photo credit - Cam Penrose Photography

The Omnific – photo credit – Cam Penrose Photography

The first composition to surface from the EP is Objets De Vertu – a track which has an angularity to it that hints of jazz influences running through it, which simultaneously the natural ebb and flow of the song affords a sense of an extemporised jam session in which the listener is invited to wander with the instrumentation.

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