Anima Tempo – Primal Symmetry – Video

The Mexican progressive-metal quintet Anima Tempo are currently working on their second LP.

Anima Tempo

Anima Tempo

The first track to appear from the tentatively pencilled in album, was itself made available as a stand alone single on the 18th.

Primal Symmetry showcases yet a further indication that metal has travelled far from its roots of purely loud and fast to constructs of immense prowess and why what was a self evident genre has fractured in to so many sub categorisations. Whilst earsplitting volume and blurring speed still has plenty of space in my listening repertoire, what is equally welcome is the more qualitative approach where melody comes first and Anima Tempo are at the vanguard to what should perhaps best be generically described as nu-metal – where the layers of songs are at the heart of the compositions.


Primal Symmetry – Single – Anima Tempo is available on iTunes*

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Coletta – Blossom – Audio

The US prog-metal quartet Coletta release the LP Mind & Time on the 20th of July.

Coletta - photo credit - @fearlesswastaken

Coletta – photo credit – @fearlesswastaken

Creating music which sits in a space of its own Coletta are unafraid to challenge their audience resulting in tracks which will find divergent reactions as they merge trippy, toock, thrash metal and progressive-rock in to one melting pot and potentially alienating each as the result is far from the derivations.

The fact I suggest spending time in their company alerts you as to which side of the divide I lay – here is the third of the six tracks on the album – Blossom – for you to form your own view.

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ESTATE – Winter Kingdom – Video

The Russian prog-metal quintet ESTATE will be releasing the LP Mirrorland on the 20th of April.



Continuing to develop their profile in the Russian rock scene, regularly supporting international touring bands as well as headlining their own tour schedule, Mirrorland can’t help but raise their profile more broadly internationally.

Winter Kingdom, from the forthcoming album, serves a decent representation of their music as an introduction with its powerful melodies and highly impressive delivery.

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Dethrone The Sovereign – Torch of Prometheus – Video

The US prog-metal quintet Dethrone The Sovereign release the LP Harbingers of Pestilence on the 28th of July.

Dethrone The Sovereign - photo by Chris Darnell

Dethrone The Sovereign – photo by Chris Darnell

The hardcore headlong rush is tempered by a complex undertow of instrumentation and synth allowing the quintet to take the listener on a journey of multi-dimensional layering.

From the forthcoming album – Torch of Prometheus – is the sixth of the nine tracks.

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Harbingers of Pestilence – Dethrone the Sovereign is available on iTunes.*

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