Problematic Jam – Hide Into The Woods – Audio

The French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam were introduced towards the end of 2015.

Problematic Jam - Hide into the Woods

Problematic Jam

From the long-awaited LP Stereonucleose which is out next month, Hide Into The Woods, is of more dour countenance than much of their music previously featured with puddled percussion giving the track a menacing presence as it stomps through the room.

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Problematic Jam – Bankism Über Alles – Audio

The LP Stereonucleose will be released by the French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam on the 27th of October.

Problematic Jam - Bankism Über Alles

Problematic Jam

From the forthcoming album Bankism Über Alles has a very different sound to music of theirs previously featured. The acoustic drone of the four and a half minutes track is more than appropriate for the nature of the song which reflects on the reality of the world of socio-capitalism with workers grinding away their lives in a monotony of ‘doing the right thing’.

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Problematic Jam – Crackdowns & Breakups – Audio

The French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam are finalising the precise release date for the LP Stereonucleose.

Problematic Jam - Stereonucleose - artwork

Problematic Jam – Stereonucleose – artwork

Previously set for release last month; the delay of the album, now due for the second quarter of this year, has allowed a further track to surface – Crackdowns & Breakups.

Just over five minutes of compacted instrumentation and meandering vocal construct that either, as is always is the case, immediately has the listener running out of the room as though on fire or dwell in fascinated silence and – quite evidently the fact that I am positing you should spend time in their company immediately informs you that I sit firmly rooted in the latter camp.

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Problematic Jam – Hillary Trump – Audio

The French alt-rock trio Problematic Jam are finalising details for the LP Stereonucleose due for release in January.

Problematic Jam - Hillary Trump

Problematic Jam

Taking slightly longer than planned Problematic Jam decided to launch a random track, to fill in the interlude between their last release and the next. Hillary Trump is instantly recognisable with its collisions of sound which features prominently in their music.

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Problematic Jam

The Paris, France, based alt-rock band Problematic Jam is formed of David Haircut (Vocals / Guitar / Bass), Dim Shot C. (Bass / Guitar) and Fortune Theiler (Drums / Vocals).

Problematic Jam - alt-rock based in France

Problematic Jam

Like a motorway pile-up Problematic Jam collide sounds one into the other in apparent abandon but, from the carnage, emerges a sound that makes you want to hit replay immediately. While there are semblances of formulaic chorus – verse -bridge the quartet don’t take those too seriously, preferring to allow the music to spread its wings organically landing wherever there is space and they seem to have the knack of landing right-side up each step of the way.

The grumbling fuzziness suddenly makes way for crystal clear clarity only for an opaque cataract to blur as quickly. The bass generally sits on the thickest string, which isn’t stretched too tightly as percussion rattles away furiously. Guitar may appear from any direction whilst vocal ranges from hidden noises-off to point of principal.

Problematic Jam formed a few years ago and there is little more pleasure than settling back into the catalogue of a hundred or so songs to take the mind on the whimsical journey of independent presentation by a most assuredly independent minded trio.

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