Pray for Triangle Zero – Foundation – Audio

The US rumble-foot project Pray for Triangle Zero revealed the LP Pastel Seascape on the 17th.

Pray for Triangle Zero - Foundation

Pray for Triangle Zero – Foundation

Rumble-foot as a musical genre you may be wondering of what that means. If you are listening through MP3 or Earphones – listening – won’t help you. Though for the rest of us who listen to music through multi-speaker systems – remove all footwear before hitting play and the definition will make perfect sense as the sole of the foot oscillates on the flooring to the pulsing ergonomics.

What better place to start on the fifteen track release (available on bandcamp) than the opener – Foundation.

Wondering where to find more release news? Emerging Indie Bands on Google+ isn’t a bad place to start.

Pray For Triangle Zero – I Found Out – Audio

The prolific US lofi-glitch creator Lucas Sams in the guise of Pray For Triangle Zero released the LP Run! on the 7th.

Pray For Triangle Zero

Pray For Triangle Zero

Before heading anywhere near the just over three quarters of an hour, eleven track album (available on bandcamp) pack up any preconceptions of ‘how to write music’ and allow your mind a free-form expressionism to fully enjoy an engrossing journey of sound in which each track injects new aural narratives, instrumentation and trajectories.

The one common theme in the output is a rumbling undertow of deeply resonating bass notes, be they produced electronically or through instrumentation, that burrow their way into the ears.

Selecting a feature track from what is a fascinating and eclectic selection of ideas on Run! is merely an indicator of the exploratory nature of the sounds and not a reference of what to expect from the other ten pieces on the LP – the eighth track is I Found Out.

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