Django Lumiere

Django Lumiere is the solo project for Dan from London in England to deliver melancholic-rock.

Django Lumiere - Melancholic rock from England

Django Lumiere

Django Lumiere delivers sounds that eerily seep around the the room and the lack of vocal gives the music an even starker sense of isolation. Drawing cinematic landscape the tracks find the listener draw into an exploration of the turmoils of the human mind.

The drifting progressions seem to emerge from opposite corners of the spectrum at different speeds, melting into a dark agglomeration that is just beyond reach, affording the compositions a sense that the notes linger long after they have died away. The instrument combinations allows Django Lumiere to provide a sound-track that haunts the mind with the mournful harmonies.

This is music that is best served in a quiet and reflective space to allow the ears and brain to engage and appreciate the finely structured pieces and to allow the time to reflect on the after-effects.

A couple of releases out, the latest is A Blurring Of The Edges which is ten tracks and about twenty five minutes of well put-together thoughts to music.

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A Blurring of the Edges – Django Lumiere is available on iTunes.*

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