Olivae – A Place To Stay – Single Review

Vasco Oliveira is a sadcore-folk musician from Porto (Portugal) who performs as Olivae.


Having taken a run through the back catalogue I merely suggest having a pile of clean handkerchiefs to hand to wipe away tears prior to opening up the music.

A little late to the latest release, A Place To Stay (available on bandcamp), which came out earlier this month – apologies.

A song which resonates of gently played strings of acoustic guitar, breaking vocal, both, brushed with the soft keys and hushed vocal of Sara Teixeira creating its own tear streak that catches all those it touches.


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Wushta – MOV0032A – Audio

Wushta is the project of Marcelo Graf Reis – a vapourwave creator from Portugal.



The latest track to surface MOV0032A opens with a glitchy bass and prestissimo steel with electronica and snare merging in to the sound prior to the electronica taking over the shape of the song and resulting in a just over three minutes of drifting ambiance.

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Callaz – Hell/Smell – Audio

Callaz is the sadcore project of Maria Soromenho from Portugal.



The début EP (available on bandcampBeer, Dog Shit & Chanel N°5 is a beguiling five track release of hazy slowly revolving retrospective synth and vocal in to which the listener is drawn by the silky web of sounds.

The closing track is Hell/Smell.

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MAGO – Tease Me – Audio

The Portuguese experimental-fractals project of Mário André Gonçalves OliveiraMAGO – released the EP The Length Of A Line a few hours ago.

MAGO - photo credit Ricardo J. Vaz

MAGO – photo credit Ricardo J. Vaz

The curling folds of extended loops circle the room akin to immersive and infinite revolutions as acoustic and plugged in instrumentation paint the winding rope core, providing the listener with a roughly eighteen minute four track EP (available on bandcamp) in which to loose their sense of direction and time in the psychedelic effects.

Best heard in totality The Length Of A Line is an almost continual thread of ideas rather than chapters dividing a book, however a section that stands as a highlight – the second track – Tease Me – serves as my pick of the release.

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