Suspirians – Nocturne – Audio

Suspirians is a US garage-psychedelia trio.



Hazy flows of winding guitar steadily streams through the room in their latest LP Ti Bon Ange, which was released this month, (available digitally on bandcamp directly from themselves or as a limited edition cassette also on bandcamp through the Russian label Pomogite Community) with the audience creating their own kaleidoscopic visual imagination.

Suspirians however, do not send the mind in to an extended acid trip as the garagey distortion leaves the music with an enthralling rawness as the pulsing bass and active drum-kit combine with a veiled vocal and the listener is left wanting even more than the approximately forty minutes, six tracks (digital) or seven tracks with a thirty six second bonus track (Cassette), has in store.

As this is an album best heard in its entirety, less a ‘pick of a the album’ rather an indicator of the sound, the second track – Nocturne.

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Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) – Регенерация (Regeneration) – Audio

The Russian lo-fi creator Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) released the LP Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) on the 13th.

Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) - Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) - Cassette

Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) – Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) – Cassette

There is a certain joy to communicating with musicians around the globe as things can be learnt – Маршрут построен is the common phrase on Russian Satnav devices when the route for a journey has been calculated, but rather than learning about Russian SatNav systems you probably opened this post to learn more about the music…

Маршрут построен is an approximately twenty four minutes eight track LP (available via Pomogite Community on bandcamp for either the digital version or the ten track limited run cassette version) – that flows through a psychedelic journey of compositions that hold a fascinating grip on the listener. A haunting soft vocal sweeps through tracks of fuzzy psychotropic keyboard, slippery percussion and whirling guitar.

My selection from the release is the sixth Регенерация (Regeneration), though to not dwell in the full release is to do yourself a disservice.

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