JuliaWhy? – Pocket – Audio

The Australian protest-rock trio JuliaWhy? are finalising details for the release of their second LP.

JuliaWhy? - Pocket


There are occasions when the phrase – in due course – can unintentionally mean – not very soon – as it was back in 2014 that JuliaWhy? was introduced and last featured with the intention to come back again as stated at the time, in due course, finally almost four years later…

Yesterday – Pocket – from the forthcoming album was released as a standalone single (available on bandcamp).

Slewing out of the speakers in foul temper, the distorted blurry grunge pours scorn on a malaise in society in which the continued demonisation of the less well off by bureaucrats as they dream up ever more draconian measures to further denigrate those who need a little help from society, with ever more fanciful fairy-tales of how it is all their own fault, is transposed to mainstream economic thinking driving policy proposals.

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