Ashley Reaks

Ashley Reaks is a new-wave musician and visual artist from London in England.

Ashley Reaks - new-wave from England

Ashley Reaks

Acidic drops of disdain strip away the ears as Ashley Reaks casts a disparaging eye on the world around. Working with other musicians as it makes sense the music has a scouring lyrical acerbity reflecting on societal discordance. The fuzziness in delivery gives the out-put a buzzing presence that drives the sounds further into the mind as the standard band instrumentation is set rampaging towards the listener.

Shorn of all pretentious cloaking,¬†Ashley Reaks delivers music that is as barren as the landscape of which he comments in a blistering flailing tirade. Don’t be given to assume by that description that the sounds are basic and rushed. Far from it, he has drawn influences from ’70s and ’80s new-wave and delivers the music in the same style of red raw anger, combined with music that stands on its own two feet ably expressing the sentiments in a catchy stream of chords and melodies.

Busy with both visual and aural art spending time with Ashley Reaks is time well used.


This Is Planet Grot – Ashley Reaks is available on iTunes.*

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