Ikebana is Tomek Sawczuk (Vocal / Guitar / Effects), Michał Kułak (Synths) and Piotr Sawczuk (Percussion) an alt electro-rock band from Bialystok in Poland.

Ikebana - alt electro-rock from Poland


Bringing together acid jazz and traditional rock, Ikebana turn round with an experimental futurism that has familiar templates carved with schisms of electronica which sear through the speakers. Whilst challenging the listener, the journeys to the edges are not demanding of suspension of all that is recognizable as, the diversions do relate to the basic storyline.

The percussion keeps the material within a framework which demands of the other instrumentation a continued progression and the audience has a discernible, faint though it may be, route with which to connect. New material is somewhat scant, so it would be good if Ikebana were to provide a musical update on where the story has developed.

Inside the sounds with their extended transitions and looping progressions there is a broad cultural reference as sounds can be heard from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. This seems somewhat appropriate given the slightly apocalyptic nature of the future they portray sonically where industrial electronics hold the greatest influence.

The trio produce music which demands full attention to emit its full impact and in my view the challenge thrown down by Ikebana is worth taking the time and concentration to engage.


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