Toffees is the melodic-rock quartet of Piers Nolan (Vocal / Guitar), Joshua Morton (Bass), Mj Lewis (Guitar / Vocals) and Ryan Bailey (Drums) from London in England.

Toffees - Melodic-rock from England


Music is about moments in time and will always be subjective, sure we have our predilections and as you know, if you are a regular reader mine is ’70s Punk.  99.99% of the time I would not be writing about Toffees, but it suits a moment perfectly and I am sure you will also find a space in your life when the quartet make perfect sense. If that isn’t now, bookmark the page and add them to your ‘grown up moments’ playlist.

Successfully navigating narrow line between wall-paper paste and glorious evocations, Toffees are able to deliver sounds which don’t challenge the audience with complexity, yet are not lost in the back-ground hubbub of an evening of drinks with a few friends.

The quartet combine easy flowing rock, with sufficient gravel to keep the ears attuned to sounds that wash through the room. Toffees is a band to add to the catalogue as they are able to nuzzle gently in the ears, yet not get lost and most certainly worth bringing out at the right moment, which for me, is as I type this article.


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