Captivves from Reading in England is the industrial-rock trio of Daniel Haylock (Vocals / Bass), Phil Howell (Guitar) and Kieran Phillips (Drums).

Captivves - industrial-rock from England


Recently formed and with only a couple of songs that I have been able to hear, I look forward to much more by Captivves. Industrial distortion echoes around the walls, whilst taughtly tied percussion, like a flag bearer marching into battle, rallies the sounds.

The combinations of echoes and delay meeting sharply defined precise drums gives the music an immediate attraction as the bass soars away, sweeping up the stray reflections of sound and a vocal steeped in gauze adds a mystery to the tracks. There is a powerful and tangible presence which marches across the room as Captivves deliver music that reflects of the malaise of society.

A track which opens with a solitary string on a bass, as you will know, can’t help but make me enamoured. The trio have made an impressive start and assuming these two songs aren’t their finest hour, they have much to offer the world of music and I look forward to hearing much more in short order.

Beginning to put together a live performance schedule, I recommend getting out to see them play, if they turn up in a town near you.

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