Milk Crimes

Peering out from Leeds in England comes the recently created indie-rock band Milk Crimes of Simon, Ellen and Peter.

Milk Crimes - indie-rock from England

Milk Crimes

Unlike the demure imagery of the band Milk Crimes will have you hurtling around the room in a frenetic waving body. Flashes of distinct clarity as suddenly camouflage themselves in cloudy fuzz as the bursting bubbles explode around the ears. Cramming material into tracks that rarely reach two minutes, the trio are able to compress much coil into confined space as sparkling guitars spring into life accompanied by percussion that seems to find the space to wallow in semi-colons.

It is the ability of Milk Crimes to imperceptibly extend time that gives them the intrigue which raises them far above the mundane. With only five tracks I have been able to hear, which are delivered in their début eponymous EP that was released on the 17th and available on bandcamp, my only regret is that there isn’t more.

Still very much finding their feet and discovering trajectory, with instrumentation and vocals switching between the players along with thoughts on one track extending to the best part of three and three quarter minutes, others not reaching one hundred seconds. I most enjoy Milk Crimes when they are in a hurry.

Somehow I am convinced the nomenclature reference does not relate to Margaret Thatcher and the removal of free milk to schoolchildren in the ’70s, in their most springy footstep.

I look forward to discovering more of Milk Crimes in future extrapolations of creativity.

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Winkie from New York in the USA is the distorted electronics duo of Peter (Bass) and Gina (Vocals / Keys).

Winkie - electronica from the USA


Industrial dance – as a marker – gives some idea of the music produced by Winkie, the effect being that on hitting play it seems they are coming from another building, never mind another room. The generous levels of distortion and blurring gives the material an oppressive dark mood which is compounded by an ever present salve of bass and percussion with the disambiguated vocal adding further to the unnerving qualities.

Whilst it may be expected that there would be a limited range to the out-put, the duo are able to take the listener on an ever darker journey with plenty of variance. Tracks seem to sweep the brain into a vortex where time stands still, demanding a gentle swaying of the body in time with the omnipresent beat. Despite the dark and dank atmosphere there is something luxurious about the sound produced by Winkie as the duo play with layers of interwoven fabric to produce music which has more to offer each replay of a piece. Whilst this works extremely well on recording, I get the feeling that live performance in a derelict warehouse is the natural setting.

With a debut ten track LP – One Day We Pretended To Be Ghosts – recently released and a growing appreciation in the genre, I hope they gain wider traction, as Winkie produce sounds which resonate of the ’10s.

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Ajenda from Belfast in Northern Ireland is the rock band of Jen (Vocals), Gavin (Guitars), Peter (Drums) and Jan (Bass).

Ajenda is a rock band from Northern Ireland

Ajenda image © Neil Mach

Ajenda gives a mellowed twist to Rock ‘n’ Roll with deftly played melodies that are allowed to swirl around the room like smoke before settling on the ears and underlying it is a well formulated framework which gives the music plenty of oomph.

A well defined vocal neatly balances the tracks giving the band a defined and distinctive sound as influences from Eastern European folk are interspersed in the music. There is a certain fascination to be had by listening to Ajenda. It is perhaps the fact that I am writing this on a Monday morning that it seems a little restful to my head. Come the end of the day I have little doubt this would slide down well with a relaxing drink.

With a debut LP – Unrecognizable – set for release on the 28th September and supporting tours away from Northern Ireland, I would expect the band to gain greater traction than has been so far achieved as the ten track release, which I have had the opportunity to hear, contains a well crafted set of songs that do justice to the band.


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