With usual scorn at the mundanity of the world around Pet Um, the English experimental-electronica project, revealed a new song last week.


Pete Um

By title alone – SQUARES_MAKE_THE_WORLD_GO_ROUND – pretty much sums up on the tin the scathing perspective of the new world order making it once again a pleasure to return to a sound creator with prolific output, a dry sense of humour and the ability to create music from the most unexpected sources.

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Pete Um – perps – Audio

It was back in 2010 that the English experimental Pete Um was first introduced.

Pete Um - perps

Pete Um

A slew of songs have surfaced recently, each reflective of the abstract angles from which Pet Um creates the music which reflects of the quirks of life.

Some are more straightforward to navigate than others, one of of these being perps.

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Pete Um – The Guru Let Me Down – Audio

The English experimental musician Pete Um has recently surfaced with a new track.

Pete Um - The Guru Let Me Down

Pete Um

Pete Um takes another foray into acidic-politics with The Guru Let Me Down, a track which speaks for itself.

For those – not in the UK – or, perhaps, au fait with the wide-spread derision over the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and extensive calls for the prosecution of Mr. A. Blair on either Malfeasance in Public Office or War Crimes Charges – this link to the to the Iraq Inquiry and report belatedly produced by Mr. J. Chilcot will provide context.

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