Pamphlet – persistence / my mother didn’t raise a mess – Single Review

The English dark-rock quartet Pamphlet released the AA side single persistence / my mother didn’t raise a mess today.



persistence flies through the speakers with a rumbling bass / drum combination that tests the anchorage of the building while the guitars play to distinct and counter-point ideas- one a heavy thrubbing of fuzz the other a wailing alarum that minds of a disturbed murmuration of birds while the vocal gives the piece a feeling of forlorn isolation.

my mother didn’t raise a mess has a very different texture to the sound with a breezier pace accompanied by greater distortion with the effect of welding the elements as though a conjoined unit while the half-spoken vocals is given prominence with its ever more distraught temper – creating a sense of every greater panic.

Although Pamphlet have begun to established a live presence, there is little recorded material, word does however arrive of an EP planned for release later in the year and certainly something I am looking forward to hearing.

persistence / my mother didn’t raise a mess is available on bandcamp.

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