Perilune – Black Sheep – Video

Perilune is an alt-rock project from the USA.

Perilune - photo by @sans_sarah

Perilune – photo by @sans_sarah

Counter-intuitively although there are audio versions of all the tracks on the ten song collection entitled Rigor Samsa – as longer stay readers know audio is invariably used when there is an option due to its higher sound quality I am suggesting the collection of videos be the focus of attention – this is nothing to do with the music needing a visual distraction, rather because that is how the music is intended ingested – as an aural and visual story line.

Perilune teamed up with The Bastette Group, a multidisciplinary Los Angeles art collective of female identifying artists to explore themes of death, illusion, transformation and personal development.

The fifth song is Black Sheep.

social media page for Perilune.

The video series Rigor Samsa can be viewed on The Bastette Group vimeo channel.

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