PeDRo PRaTeS – Every Night – Single Review

PeDRo PRaTeS is a Portuguese ambientwave creator.



The prolific output of  PeDRo PRaTeS, each at slightly different modulating frequencies, discovers new material surfacing most weeks, sometimes of triphop, other times downtempo, else as in the case of the most recent song to surface Every Night – ambientwave.

Despite the frequency of new music appearing the quality is never lost and the listener can become completely immersed in the soft frequencies to which the mind and body becomes syncopated and loose all sense of surroundings, hence why it has taken me a little while to get to this article as I have been entombed within an extensive selection of the back-catalogue.

The electronica in Every Night gradually dissolves under its own weight before the next revolution surfaces akin to the movement of waves on the shoreline.


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