Patron Saint Of Plagues

Patron Saint Of Plagues is Opi Saint (Vocals / Guitar), Dead Boy (Guitar), Robbie Graves (Bass) and Bonez (Drums) an alt-rock band from Ottowa in Canada.

Patron Saint Of Plagues - alt rock from Canada

Patron Saint Of Plagues – photo – Ray Dark

For the second time in a month I find myself in the land of theatrical rock, Patron Saint Of Plagues offering a completely different style as they play a darker edge of music than C-Types. Inside the theatrical costumes lays genuine musicianship and it is hardly surprising they have established an enthusiastic fan-base.

A crescendo of guitars and percussion hammer against the walls before dripping like a flayed and splayed scalped mask, the growling vocals crawl over the spine unnervingly  and the sounds run into the ears like an army of ants driving the brain to ever greater depths of evisceration.

Whilst Patron Saint Of Plagues deliver their songs along the thematic lines of their core entity, they are first rate songwriters and for those not aware or particularly interested in vaudevillian horror, there is plenty of thunderously delivered rock to capture the attention.

Once again good musicians demonstrate it is possible that they can really can have fun while delivering sounds which are of top quality.

As may be expected given the time of year,  Patron Saint Of Plagues released a new EP on the 1st October – the five track – Scary Tales 2.


Scary Tales 2 – EP – Patron Saint of Plagues is available on iTunes*.

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