Eric, Matthew, Adam, Pat and Kurt – split between Philadelphia and New York in the USA – form the cinematic-rock band PALMAS.

PALMAS - cinematic-rock from the USA


Atmospheric textures ooze out of the speakers (unlike the shouty capitalisation of the band name) filling the room with puffy down-filled pillows of luxury. Harking of ’60s Merseybeat the quintet have added surfy froth, to festoon the listener, in luscious compositions in which to recline. It is easy to imagine the soundtrack to any brightly light Lynch film with PALMAS adding the finishing touches of context to the scenes. Far more than this, the creations are not merely backing music but stand on their own legs with considerable poise.

Easily spaced reverbed and delayed guitar is interwoven with blurred percussion giving the out-put its other-worldly qualities as the vocal peeks its head above the mix without ever aiming to become an over-riding element of the creations.

PALMAS are, unsurprisingly, gaining significant traction in live performance and the release of To The Valley yesterday will, if justice be served, break to a global audience a quintet who should be far better known.

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Night Mechanic

Night Mechanic from Portland in the USA is the alt-rock quartet of Andre (Vocals / Drums), Chris (Guitar), Brandon (Bass) and Pat (Guitar / Keys).

Night Mechanic - alt-rock from the USA

Night Mechanic

Those of you who have been with me these past five years of reviews will know well how I physically threw out a keyboard and the player on a suggestion they may like to join my band back in the ’70s and you will also chuckle, as I do, how thirty odd years later I enjoy the addition of keys, which have swept their way through 2014 across both Europe and the Americas as I pontificate about their new dimensions that they allow rock bands to explore and here we find ourselves with Night Mechanic. However, the effects achieved by keys now, do add a new dimension, not a whirring grind of pretentiousness as it was at the time.

Scour away the soil and you will find an underlay of Americana- blues to which Night Mechanic have added some infectious contemplatives, giving the output scintillating layers of texture. There is a thrusting movement to tracks, which the bass and percussion keep in momentum, whilst the guitars swing between melody, rhythm and chord attack as the synthetics develop a pillar of persuasive inclusions which are allowed to meander in the horizon, yet add a significant perspective. A vocal that sits tangentially to the instrumentation rounds off the over-all delivery that captivates.

A new LP – the nine track Day Surgery is set for release on the 21st, which marks a significant progression from their release of April last year will, with fortune find them in a stronger position next year.

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