Originally from Minneapolis, but now residing in New York in the USA Manicanparty is the electro-pop duo of Pat Morrissey and Jess Corazza.

Manicanparty - electro-pop from the USA


Perhaps it is due to their childhood, brought up in more open spaces than their current residence, but the music that Manicanparty produces speaks of plains rather than urban high-rises and I hope they don’t loose this aspect of their sound which evokes thoughts of fireside gatherings rather than supermarket queues.

Sitting astride a difficult space Manicanparty produce music that resonates of realism whilst teetering on the edge of the oily mainstream. My cynicism leads me to fear that some smarmy A&R suit will grab hold of them and turn this from a delight to a mush, but let’s hope I am wrong and they will continue to do what they do so well.

The pitch of Jess’s vocal operates as a perfect foil to the ghostly music that whisps like smoke around the room and the listener finds themselves emotionally moved as the tribal beats wend their way into the soul. Top notch music doesn’t always require physical movement, mental stimulation is equally as important and Manicanparty are dab hands at producing tracks which burrow their way into the head of the audience.

A fine debut eight track release is set for the 22nd October. It will be interesting to find out which path the duo strike thereafter, I hope they stay on the straight and true, time will tell, but either way for now – Manicanparty have much to add to the world of music.


Rebels in the Light – Single – manicanparty is available on iTunes*.

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