Moon Panda – Rabbit – Video

The England based dream-rock quartet Moon Panda head towards the release of the EP Pastel Pool next month.

Moon Panda - Rabbit

Moon Panda

Their latest track to surface – Rabbit, akin to previous material of theirs featured, heads in to its own warren of discovery through a tunnel interconnected, yet distinctive, of dreamy spirals and hazy undulations.

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Moon Panda – Soft Skeleton – Video

The England based ethereal-rock outfit Moon Panda will be releasing the EP Pastel Pool on the 10th of August.

Moon Panda - photo credit - Iona Taberham

Moon Panda – photo credit – Iona Taberham

The first song to be revealed from the EP has surfaced as a live performance of Soft Skeleton, a track that melts in to the limbic system.

Each time Moon Panda have featured there has been something different about the set-up. Initially a US based duo in 2016, an England based duo last year, now a trio, though still based in England – the consistency has always been the quality of the output and its dreamy demeanour which gently flows around the listener.

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