Blonde Summer – Stay Kids – Video

Blonde Summer is a US electro-garage quartet.

Blonde Summer – Paradise - artwork

Blonde Summer – Paradise – artwork

The middle of the five tracks on the EP Paradise, released earlier this year, is Stay Kids.

Even on a wet, cold miserable autumn morning Stay Kids finds a ray of sunshine and warmth that eases its way into the room. The mind is drawn to watching slowly lapping surf washing ashore on a warm evening whilst lazing on a golden sanded beach.

Blonde Summer are able to infect the listener with a calmness which emanates from the fuzzy delivery and lavish electronics which gently flow into the ears as the percussion reinforces the alluring sense of relaxation that wraps itself around the audience.

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Blonde Summer – Paradise – Audio

It was back in 2012 that I introduced the US electro-garage quartet Blonde Summer.

Blonde Summer - Paradise

Blonde Summer

A change in line-up and the addition of synths sees the band with a shift in parameter with their new EP – Paradise set for release on the 25th. The title track.

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