Panophonic – Endlessly – Audio

The US gaze-rock project Panophonic revealed the track Endlessly recently.

Panophonic - Photo by Mandy McGee

Panophonic – Photo by Mandy McGee

The intricately blurred, echoing reverb creates a luxurious carpet of sound which steals through the room and in to the listeners bloodstream as the melancholic lyric provides a more unsettled countenance to the just under three and two thirds minutes track.

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Panophonic – I Can’t Come Home – Audio

The US gaze-wave project Panophonic last featured just over a year ago.

Panophonic- I Can't Come Home


Within the past half a day the latest track surfaced – I Can’t Come Home which introduces a less echoing fuzz to the forefront than much of the material previously featured, giving the piece a darker more melancholic air in which the listener can let their mind drift as the varying textures interweave creating a layering that on each play through allows new ideas to be discovered.

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Panophonic – Eye For An Eye – Audio

The US shoegaze project Panaphonic is taking part in a Nepal Disaster Relief Compilation release through Patetico Records coming out on the 26th.

Panaphonic - Rock Back For Nepal


The seventh of the seventeen tracks – Eye For An Eye. Rock Back For Nepal (Volume One) is available on bandcamp.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to the LP, I can offer a thumbs up, not only for the cause, but for the music and an album well worth adding to the collection.

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Panophonic- Telephone Poles – Audio

Panaphonic also know as Tom Lugo, who we have met many times previously in the past four and a half years has a new track.



The very simplicity of the conundrums of Telephone Poles make this a track I felt would be four minutes and twenty three seconds of your time well spent.

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