Panic In Eden

Panic In Eden a rock band from Los Angeles in the USA is Lucas McEachern (Vocals / Guitar), Conor Spellane (Guitar / Vocals), Will Hammond (Guitar) and Arnold Ceja (Drums).

Panic In Eden - rock from the USA

Panic In Eden – photo credit: Chyna Photography

Whilst steeped in classic rock from generations ago, Panic In Eden give it all a fresh lick of paint and lightened the sounds to deliver something with familiarity yet different. A couple of years behind them the quartet have been busy with both studio time and live performance which has enabled the band to develop a certain maturity of sound to the out-put. Perhaps more waving arms in the air grasping glow-sticks whilst swaying than an all out dance, nonetheless the material does have a bounciness, which lifts the spirit.

Generously constructed tracks are brushed with well composed and played melodics that, while wandering from a direct route, do not sidestep far off the point, giving a depth to the sounds. Panic In Eden is a band to enjoy with cocktails rather than tinnies and they work exceptionally well in that space.

What I particularly enjoy of Panic In Eden is the way they are able to bring together their influences into a format that is current rather than retrospective.


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