Curry Quiche – Rock N Roll Rotherham – LP Review

It is always a pleasure to come back to the English alt-rock band Curry Quiche who released the LP Rock N Roll Rotherham on the 15th.

Curry Quiche - Rock N Roll Rotherham - artwork

Curry Quiche – Rock N Roll Rotherham – artwork

Opening with Love On The Waltzers, the first of the six tracks, you just know you are in for a fun journey with Curry Quiche and the piece opens as though it is Ska on speed before wrapping inside itself like a wheezing pneumonia suffer prior to springing back to life – then expiring and you are wondering if you have just heard something dropping dead.

Springing back to life is Unnamed which finds the band in more tempered mood as Curry Quiche gets perhaps the nearest to a tender love song as they will ever stray.

Paint By Numbers delivers a track which introduces of vacuum cleaner struggling in bits of sand before clearing to a reminder of Toy Dolls and how could something that has me reaching for the Dig That Groove Baby LP not be my pick of the release.

Broken Mirror is a delightful blend of off-beat and scratch that burrows its way into the ears like a termite finding wood to chew as Curry Quiche mince meat and gristle to provide a surprisingly tasty topping.

The penultimate track is the psychedelically trippy Out In The Woods that sounds like a cartoon character of itself as Curry Quiche do precisely what they do so well – plagiarise preconceptions and what makes them a band of such enjoyment.

Sadly Rock N Roll Rotherham comes to its conclusion, if only this were a double album, here we find the munificence of You Know It all which is the close cousin of the opening number after it has taken a dose of barbiturates.

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