Kurws is an indie rock band centred around the trio of Dawid Bargenda (Drums), Hubert Kostkiewicz (Guitar) and Jakub Majchrzak (Bass) from Wroclaw in Poland.

Kurws - Indie Rock from Poland


A little like the name of the band which sometimes includes a ‘The‘ with or without brackets before Kurws, the line-up can also vary – extending up to six with the addition of any of a number of Piotrek Zabrodzki (Keyboard), Oskar Carls (Saxophone) and Wojtek Bajda (Clarinet). The fluidity of the name and line-up epitomises the very nature of the band, who seek to deliver music which reflects of a range of agit-rock eras and through the addition of some fairly obscure instruments the band is able to deliver a sound that is injected with that sense of change.

First appearing as a concept back in 2008 the band has sought to maintain a living and breathing reference point of the society around, which they successfully, capture offering the audience music which is simultaneously confrontational and though provoking.

With their iconic style, Kurws probably will ever remain as an underground outfit and in my opinion, the broader world is missing the opportunity to engage with one of the most relevant acts around at present. So it is with some pleasure I take this opportunity to introduce the band on Emerging Indie Bands, the website which tries to give the best smaller bands a place to be heard in an international context.

A new LP is close to being finished, with release in the next few months.

Kurws – Ucieczka od wolności / Escape from Freedom (from 5″ vinyl split with AGATHOCLES ) from Kurws on Vimeo.


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