Filthy Kitsch – Sound The Alarm – Audio

Filthy Kitsch is a Swedish synthwave project.

Filthy Kitsch

Filthy Kitsch

Combinations of analogue keys and psychedelic guitar meander through the room in the début three track single One (available on bandcamp) enticing the listener to close down the brain and settle in to a comatose state to allow the gentle massage of the, roughly eleven minutes, release to keep the synapses and blood flow functioning. My only advice being – trust in the power of music and do allow your mind to drift in to its own becalming stasis and all will be well.

The middle number is Sound The Alarm.

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Circle – One – Video

Circle from Australia are working on a new LP – Capital City Cross Word Puzzle.

Circle - One - Artwork

Circle – One – Artwork

When first looked at back in 2012, Circle was a trio, Bec has left and Radi and Dan remain. From the forthcoming release – One.

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