The Brighton in England rock band Collisions comprises Olly SimmonsAndy TrewinSpud and Will Chapman.

Collisions - rock from England

Collisions – rock from England

The combinations of synthetics, howling guitars, driving percussion and a forceful vocal gives Collisions a fascinating space to deliver their music. Well received in live performance, their mix of mosh-pit, melody and dance-floor gives everyone something to grapple with, they equally transfer this fusion to recorded material.

There is a natural feel to the music which belies the blends of styles and one which can’t but capture attention and the longer the play, the greater the breadth and skilled delivery becomes evident.  Theory suggests that dub ‘n’ bass and metal just shouldn’t work, but like all good theories the exception proves the rule and Collisions are most definitely the exception as they deliver a sound that you just want to stay with for extended periods of play.

A few years behind them Collisions have stood their ground and it is paying off for them as higher profile gigs are coming their way and I for one look forward to hearing much more of their superbly crafted compositions.


We Know the Enemy – Single – COLLISIONS is available on iTunes*

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